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Discount codes for marketing campaign

Hi Everyone

I need help with this, please.

we want to do a marketing campaign where we do a collaboration with influencers and other businesses, we want to add a (discount code) for each partner so we can keep track of how many new subscribers we get from each partner because we will share revenue.

We will add a text box where the user enters the code, for example (code: Sara) and the user can get the discount.
The payment is all in (in-app purchase) inside the app.
So our question is: is that against apple guidelines?

And is there any tool that can help us to make the tracking Easy?

Thank you

Welcome to the community @mai1 !

You should look into Revenue Cat!

Technically Apple doesn’t have functionality that “applies a discount” other than offering something for free for a time through iTunes connect.

I think you may be able to achieve the same functionality using normal consumable in app purchases. And only display the proper button for the “discounted purchase” after the user has successfully entered a code.

Otherwise you’d continue to show the normal price button.

You should look here for the different types of in app purchases