Do I need to sign up to Apple Developer Program to follow along the full App tutorials?

Hi there,

I don’t really want to pay out for a years entry of the Apple developer program until I feel more confident & can actually use it by putting some apps out there. But after trying to do the chat app tutorial I realised I can’t seem to finish that without paying for the apple developer program…is this how its going to be for each and every tutorial in the “Build Apps & Games” section? I don’t want to waste my time keep trying this section of tutorials if I can’t finish them.

I am autistic so leaving things unfinished is really hard for me, hence me asking you lovely lot first, try to save myself the anxiety lol.

Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:

The problem with a free account is that there are restrictions in how many different Apps you can create in a 7 day window and that is restricted to 10. This is a walking 7 day window. You are also restricted in the number of Apps you can load onto your real device (from memory it is 3 and they only stay operational for 7 days).

Given that Xcode is free (not all Integrated Development Environments (IDE) are free), it’s a great development environment to learn in.

If you are serious about iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, tvOS, watchOS development and you want to ultimately be a developer then having a paid developer account is probably a good investment and gives you massive flexibility compared to the free account.

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Thanks Chris, those things aren’t really an issue for me as I can’t develop 7 days a week at the moment due to my situation. Appreciate the tips :+1:

Okay, I’ve been talked into enrolling ha ha all good now :+1: