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Does someone know a good Swift textbook?


can someone recommend a book specific about Swift, the programming language? Not iOS or SwiftUI with Swift.

Have a great Sunday, all

Are you wanting a physical textbook? Or just a book about swift?

If you’re just wanting to learn about swift, use the Swift Language guide

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Actually a physical textbook, which one can carry around and doesn’t need a display.
The official Language guide is a great resource, but I find it hard to read longer text on a screen and always try to reduce screen-time as much as possible. Is it available as print?

Currently thinking about the O’Reilly Head First Swift. The books by Matt Neuburg seem worth a try, too. If someone knows any of those, then I would appreciate his/her opinion.

I’ve never looked at any of his Swift/iOS books, but other books by Matt Neuburg that I’ve checked out in the past have been quite good.

Big Nerd Ranch’s books are generally quite good too. Although, again, I’ve never looked at their Swift book.

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Thanks for the hint with the Big Nerd Ranch books. They make a good impression.