Does this idea sound doable?

Hope this is the correct category for this question.

Just found this great site. Never created any apps before. I’ve watched a couple of Chris’s lessons and am intrigued about the possibilities. However before I get too far into this, I thought I should probably ask if what I’d like is a good idea.

I’m interested in creating an app just for me only. Nothing fancy. I want something like a reference app where I can enter lots of information which I can access from something like a table of contents (buttons or links?) where I can access the info with navigation to that info and back again. It will probably be on-going, ie. adding info pages periodically as necessary.

Thanks for letting me ask.

If you want to create an app just for yourself you can, but with the free Apple developer account you can only have the app on your phone for 10 days before it expires, and you’d have to redownload it.

What you’re saying is completely possible to build, checkout to figure out what you’d need to learn to build your idea!

Hi My name is Daniel Millett and I joined to start my track in app development so that I can create a app for a future business I want to build and it will be like doordash(post withdrawn by author, Uber eats,Runningchef, or lyft. Rather than transporting food though I want to transport and dispense product out of the cars that are taking items to and from will be automatically deleted in a city for users on the app24 hours unless flagged)

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