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Hey code crew call me Cleo !

I started my journey a few months ago to build productivity apps to help families and small businesses operate smoother and more efficient. I had no code experience and my Apple skills were subpar in general! I’m also a single mother of two and I work, so my learning wasn’t going as fast as I hoped!

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago I got hit by a car , damaged most of my body. So while on bed rest I decided to conquer some coding (while I have the time) and I love that I made that decision. While studying I had to install cocoa pods but I kept getting errors in my terminal (of which I had no idea even existed). As I was going through google I started to realize just how effective Chris and his team’s training is! I was able to innerstand and know terms that would have stomped me before. Also ,just like Chris said, researching an issue can take hours sometimes to produce results (I took days :sob:) but even that pushed my knowledge to a different level.

Thank you Chris Code Team! I now clearly see the production of my apps and I could cry tears of happiness! You guys are everything!


Hi Cleo,

I’m so sorry to hear that you have been injured so badly. I wish you a speedy recovery. If there is anything that the Code Crew can help you with just shout out.

Did you manage to successfully instal cocoapods?

I did get them installed correctly! And you did help with that as well because I asked in the app development form! Thank you! For being so responsive!

Ah right, I’m not involved in that section of the team but glad you got some help.

I’m one of a number of moderators on this forum assisting Chris Ching. Like I said, if you ever need any other help, just post a new question and you’ll get an answer from one of us.


I wish you all the best @CleoWill. Thank you for sharing your story!

I know you will recover very soon! Share your app to us when you publish it on the app store! Take care!

Wow Cleo, you are AMAZING!! I’m sure that could be one of the best decisions in your life. Thanks for sharing your personal story, your determination is super inspiring!! Take care and keep it up!!