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Ed kraus entry 1

So I’ve finished the lessons of fundamentals. I’m a slower learner for certain things… I can see how clear I’ve progressed with the fundamentals course. I can now do the visuals quite confidently (besides geo)…. My issues really lies in the logic and figuring out what to write… I’m doing the chat app right now for instance. I think about my own app I wanna make, but would definitely struggle figuring out what to write.

One thing I wanna figure out is, should I use firebase or CloudKit. I want to have as little as possible to do with their data, ensuring it’s safety… but also want to provide the ability for multi device (iOS and watch)

Anyways, I definitely see progress. I just need to work on the logic part. That’s one area I struggle not only in coding though lol

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Oh and I feel if I’d attempted more challenges I’d probably be better at the logical part. I still think I’d have an issue on knowing what to write and knowing how to figure it out, for things I don’t have challenges on…

I feel I do pretty good job with googling but I’d not know which pieces I’d need and why

Given this, I’d say use CloudKit. Firebase has a lot of data about users as compared to CloudKit

Figuring out what to write just takes practice and seeing how things are done. Like how to go about building a social media app, you wouldn’t know unless you see an example

you wouldn’t know unless you see an example

Ok but how did you guys learn Swift when there were limited examples when it first came out. You guys were all learning from scratch. I’ll have to figure out an example. My app idea is one, I’m surprised isn’t already released to be honest. At least I couldn’t find one. But yeah I’ll want probably CloudKit to connect with Watch and iPhone to sync data, and have data be transferrable via airdrop

Haha people had to read the docs :crazy_face:

But actually also Apple released tutorials when SwiftUI first came out, and with programming it’s all very similar, just different languages.

Objective-C was used to make iOS apps before Swift, so a lot of function names and how it worked was similar, but just a different language. So people could use existing knowledge they already had

yeah I refused to learn Objective-c… I was only a kid back then though… I played around with storyboard… and there used to be a package creator for installing software… (throw back for ya)

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I also learned some AppleScript. Also a thing of the past… Liked learning that a bit

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Today I found a screencast on the learn site for dataflow… I think that’s one of the biggest issues I have right now, so it was good to find. I get how to make a button, and have a screen have the elements… My biggest issue was how to get data to pass from one screen to another. Also feel lost in knowing what to use for saving the data. I know there’s firebase vids so I need to check those out…

Will a firebase app work on watches though?I am completely horrible at figuring out App ideas too. I live a very simple life right now, so I can’t just ask myself, what app do I wish I had. What paid app do I wish I had without paying? Is there something that would make my life easier if I had.

I work 12 hour shifts, sleep then learn to code. That’s my life right now xD

App ideas here!!

It depends on what your app does for what you choose, I’m actually doing a conference talk on this soon, it’ll be posted to my YouTube channel afterwards!

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I just subscribed to you!

I do have 1 App idea.

I have kids, and have emergency response background in relation to military operations and stuff. Anyways, one idea I had, and am working on currently, is an app to have your family in an App. So, it’d contain pertinent info for EMT’s. Pic of the person, name, primary doctor, allergies and disabilities… I’d assume it’d be good for EMT’s and babysitters even. Knowing they can’t have ibuprofen for instance… So anyway, that’s why I want it on phones and available for watches. Let’s say there’s only 1 parent in the vehicle and she goes unconscious. The app for unpleasant situations… I’m wondering about making a “card” airdrop-able too.

I look forward to hearing about your conference talk! I like Sean Allen vids and will definitely check this one out.

Thanks for subscribing! :heart: I appreciate it!

I like the idea!! iPhones do already have this built in, for a single person, not sure if it’s possible to have multiple profiles for different people

Don’t let me discourage you! But my other thoughts with this are, you’d have to have that person’s phone unlocked to actually be able to use the app, and in an emergency situation, if someone was unconscious that wouldn’t work. But as you said if it’s shared with the whole family and at least one person does have their phone unlocked that could work! And sharing with babysitters and other caregivers would be useful!

Sounds like a cool idea! :heart_eyes:

It’s built in the Health App, I know. I’ve only seen it for one person.

And yeah the - needing the phone unlocked is definitely a concern of mine. I’d need to actually get involved with law enforcement to see state laws on “helping themselves” to getting into your phone for emergency situations. (Put the phone to someone’s face if they’re passed out) for instance. Sounds like there’d be a butt load of legal concerns with that however. I definitely don’t want to be caught up in stuff, so I’d definitely want collaboration, but I definitely don’t want to be tied into one app.

Anyways in the interest of maximizing participation of the app, it’d be free. (donations as an option, no ads)

:rofl: maybe you experienced guys should go work for Southwest and upgrade their technology

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Haha yeah this has got a lot of legal stuff around it and I honestly wouldn’t even get into this territory. I’d just go with having an app you share with others for info

So if you’re by yourself you can use the emergency features in iOS, but otherwise if someone is with you (2 people, one is injured and another is helping) they both have the app, the person helping could share info)

Hmm… yeah, but that second person would already know the info probably (spouse or would have to be close friend) and if they weren’t a spouse or close friend they wouldn’t be allowed to have that type of info more than likely.

Yup, basically, and honestly I would not get near the “emergency access” cause honestly I don’t think it would be possible unless you have tons of lawyers at your disposal because that’s a huge privacy concern

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Yup. Back to the drawing boards! :man_facepalming:

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You can do it! :partying_face:

Whelp I made the app that I had your guys assistance on. Haven’t posted it to App Store. It needs to look “prettier” lol also no App icon. need to figure out that.