Entity won’t respond after game resets

((Side note, I’ve been developing on Mobil, not PC))

For a while now, I’ve been working at trying to get my game to reset.
The major problem being that Kody (The Player Entity) will not move after the game resets from an entirely different room such as the Center Hall, but the entity will cooperate just fine if the game resets from within the starter room.

The source provided below is the “reset” function (or functions, however you want to look at it)

public func reset() {
    let restart = Text(string: "Restart Game", fontSize: 20, fontName: "Copperplate", color: Color.red)
    restart.center = Point(x: 0, y: 15)
    restart.onTouchDown {
private func eraseAllProgress() {
    spawn.X = -36