Error Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code


I am working on a project, but am getting an error on my MacBook Pro. when I open this project on my mac mini I don’t have this. the project is in icloud how is this possible? I emptied my build folder. Can you help me? error Command CodeSign failed with a nonzero exit code


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Is the project something you have created from the beginning or was it downloaded from the Internet?

Are you following a tutorial related to the project?

Have you rebooted your Mac to see if that makes any difference?

Do you have a paid Developer account?

Yes a have a payed dpg account. The project is from myself. And restarted my mac but the problem is der

I can take a look at it if you like if you can share your project by posting it to either Dropbox or Google Drive.

Compress the entire project into a zip file and then upload it to either Dropbox or Google Drive.

To compress the project, locate the project folder in Finder and then right click on the top level folder and select Compress ProjectName. The top level folder is the one that contains the file named ProjectName.xcodeproj and the folder named ProjectName.

Upload that zip file to either Dropbox or Google Drive and then create a share link then copy that link and paste that in a reply to this thread.

If you choose to use Google Drive then when you create the Share link, ensure that the “General Access” option is set to “Anyone with the Link” rather than “Restricted”.