Error in Xcode : value of type has no member

How can I resolve this error? I Also am not getting the suggestions (intellisense) after I type the code in Xcode.

Value of type ‘UIButton’ has no member ‘titleLable’

Label is spelled wrong

Casing in swift also matters!


Xcode 11.4.1 autocomplete partially working. I tried below 2 things after googling, But still its not working. Please help.

  1. xcode -> preferences -> text Editing -> checked Suggest completions while typing.
  2. Made sure the app name is checked under target membership in utilities tab.

Try hitting ‘ctrl+space’ on your keyboard. That worked for me. And, try cleaning your build folder.

It dint work for me.

Does the issue persist across projects? So if you open a new playground, would Intellisense work?

It is resolved. I was saving my project folders in my user directory that had domain name/username. This “/” was causing the issue.