ERROR: No such file or directory

Hi everyone, I searched a good bit to see if anyone’s asked this in order not to duplicate but couldn’t find so here it goes:

My app was building and running for a good while without any such error, however last week suddenly it started giving me the error: “No such file or directory” for particular assets, one being an mp3 file and others PNG image files - the error keeps on happening just for those specific files (not all) and goes away when i delete the assets and re-add them, then it works for a couple of builds and then starts doing it again.

The files this keeps on happening with are the larger files (the KB size ones are fine, the MB ones are doing this…) could that be the reason? But if so, why was it working for a while then? And if so, what’s the solution?

note: when I go to build phases > copy bundle resources > the assets do not appear red there (I’ve tried deleting from there AND through the assets file)

note 2: I’m developing on swiftUI, xcode: Version 11.5