Error with firestore

Guys I am trying to build my project, and I face this error: cannot find firestore in scope.

I think that maybe it’s a pod problem, but I checked the pods. (I don’t know if I did the right check)

Maybe I can show you more if you know how to solve it.

Thank you very much in advance​:slight_smile::slight_smile::pray:

Make sure that your pod definition looks like this:

  # Pods for CustomLoginDemo
	pod 'Firebase/Analytics'
	pod 'Firebase/Auth'
	pod 'Firebase/Core'
	pod 'Firebase/Firestore'
	pod 'FirebaseFirestoreSwift'

Close the project in Xcode then…
In terminal use the command:
pod update
which ensures that the local pod definitions are updated and then adds the appropriate pods to the project.

When you open your project, make sure that you open it via YourProjectName.xcworkspace rather than YouProjectName.xcodeproj

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