Error with Utilities.swift

Hey guys, I was following Chris on his tutorial ( however, when he starts his app at 30:00 He manages to get the design, however that didn’t translate to my project although I followed literally each step…attached are pics of my utlitlies.swift, his screenshot and mine… pls help!

Hi @Rakan_Alami Welcome to the community!

Are you getting an error or crash, or is your project building and running?

You might want to set a breakpoint and step thru to try and discover what is not being called or crashing your app.

Hey @FoundationSW , no my project is working fine… just without the design from utilities.


I looked at the video Chris put up and now have some idea of the problem.

I assume you grabbed the file as Chris suggested and dragged it into your project.

When you dragged it in, was ‘Copy as Needed’ selected and ‘Add to Target’ selected? If not, this may be the reason the utilities are not being called.

Set a breakpoint above the call and step through, this will show you where the break in the code is.