Errors keep on occurring

Maybe it’s about not properly registering in the beginning and using the wrong names for repositories, but I am down in the dumps lost in terms of the commits, pulls and pushes, remote sites, user IDs using Github, Bitrise, Google Apis. The terminal I’m getting a little more familiar with but even with that, errors occur because something somewhere sometime I made one or more mistakes. I just followed OneDayBuild Lesson 6. I solved all the errors in Xcode and was able to run the program, but I only got a blank phone screen not long before the simulator goes in the back and Xcode prints all kinds of errors in run mode.

maybe out github article can help shed some light?

anyway if you are new those one day builds might be a bit too much to take for beginners, i suggest going through the war card app and match app first

I actually did those two. I might have to go through the registration of those sites again.