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Esperanza's iOS Journey

I used to be a vice store manager in one global retailing company. But, under COVID-19, I thought I still wanted to do something before I got older. That is to study abroad. In 2021, I changed my career which was a big change and I started to learn programming in Canada.

At the beginning, I wanted to focus on mobile development. However, lots of teachers, classmates and friends told me that it was not easy for beginners to get into the mobile industry. Even though I knew this situation, I still wanted to follow my heart to continue learning mobile development. It was lonely for me to know only a few people want to be an iOS developer. Thanks to the network and community, lots of people have the same goal as me.

After learning iOS and Swift for a while, those two were so amazing, powerful and cool. I didn’t have any background in programming, but I could do the small things and take a look at what it would look like on an iPhone. At that moment, I am very passionate about becoming an iOS developer.

I gained basic knowledge of Swift at school. For now, I want to follow codewithchris to deep dive into swift and enjoy this journey of becoming a real iOS Developer. I can do it and I definitely will make this dream come true.

Milestones So Far:

  • CWC 14 Day Beginner Challenge Complete
  • Start to Review iOS in Learn iOS in 90 days
  • Working on my own app and plan to launch my app in this month.