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Facing issue with iOS simulator

Hi Chris,

I love your videos on YouTube and follows everything. While development i am facing a strange issue that whenever i open my app in iOS simulator it just shows a iphone simulator but just a black screen. It doesn’t show apple logo and never boot into the ios. Currently I have build a hackintosh for this whole learning process. Right now I am running Mac OS Monterey 12.6 with Xcode 14.1.

By the way I am new on this iOS learning process but have a pretty good experience in fullstack web development.

Welcome to the community.

What exactly do you mean by a Hackintosh?

Probably a self-built PC, but is running macOS

That could be the reason, but not sure, I’ve never had a Hackintosh

Have you reset the simulator?


Let’s assume that your “hackintosh” is running properly.

What code have you written in Xcode that you are attempting to run on the simulator?
Have you created a new project or are you using an existing project?
If it is a new project, did you create it as an iOS project?

Is it a SwiftUI project or a Storyboard (UIKit) project?

What simulator have you selected from the available simulators?

Thanks for these I figured out why it was showing black screen on iOS simulator. Actually Mac OS Monterey discontinued support for metal graphics card and only supports OpenCL cards. So as soon as I disabled my gpu and enabled the system default graphics card it starts showing the Apple logo in simulator and the app is working now.

Sorry if I have asked the questions irrelevant to this community.