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Failed to produce diagnostic for expression - failed to build the scheme

I am having an issue with one of my views throwing the above error. The two similar topics on this forum don’t seem to address my particular error. Everything was working until I added the button function. I can’t see an error, but maybe another pair of eyes will see something. Thanks for any help.

Screenshots are attached. if you would rather have me copy and paste the code in a reply, please let me know.

Yes, please post code as text instead of screenshots. Screenshots can be nice for showing an error message or a visual defect or stuff like that but not code. Also, if code is posted as text, other users can copy/paste it in order to work on a solution without having to retype. Text is always better than screenshot for showing code. Not to mention it’s easier on our eyes than tiny print in an image, especially when extraneous irrelevant information like Xcode’s navigation sidebar, the visible indicators for spaces, or the Preview canvas is included.

As for this error, I see that the ScrollView on line19 has an extra character: ScrollView< that is probably confusing the compiler.

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Thanks, Rooster! That < was then problem. :rooster: