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Figma plug-in recommendations for app design (or Designer recommendations)

I am working on a totally new app interface design.

I have extensive experience with Photoshop, illustrator, and was learning adobe XD. My programmer prefers i use Figma and I don’t know why. I am really struggling with it. I am using the Figma app I installed on my Mac (not the browser based Figma).

I am having a hard time finding components to use that are for apps (not websites) and it seems very hard to do minor things like switch out the icons.

Does anyone have any good plug-ins they recommend specifically for apo components and for icons?

If I wanted to hire someone to do this work for me or consult on my project, does anyone have any contacts that I can hire? Please send me their contact info.

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Hello @blakely ! I’m a designer here at CodeWithChris and we use Icons8 for getting all kinds of icons for all our projects. However, do note that the free plan on Icons8 will only let you get PNG versions. If you want to have SVG, you’re gonna have to purchase a plan from them.

For components, I use plugins like Style Organizer and Batch Styler for some basic component organization such as colors and type.

Components in Figma are created from scratch (i.e. following the Atomic Design Framework) whether they are for apps or websites. Switching out icons can also be done easily, once you’re able to create a component from scratch properly.