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Finding the Course Materials for "ToDo" App

Hi. I am about 75% through the “How to Build an App” course and I am getting a “The compiler is unable to type-check this expression in reasonable time” error in the PlannerView. So I went to the course materials link at the beginning of the course to see what the correct full code should look like at that stage in the PlannerView, but the dropbox folder for that course is showing as empty. Is the completed code for that project not available?


Welcome to the community! Thanks for letting us know! We’ll go check the link

Hey @camoroso89 , I’ll make sure this is uploaded today and will reply here. Thanks!

Hello @camoroso89 , i’ve updated the link in the “Assets and Projects” lesson in the “Introduction” module. Thanks!

Thanks Chris! Also just wanted to say that the CodeWithChris program is such a great way to learn Swift. You explain and demonstrate these concepts so well. Keep it up!

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