Finished the 28 Day Challenge? Post Your Screenshot Here!

We’ve got a shiny new badge to award!

If you’ve finished this challenge, post your screenshot of the Match card game in this thread and one of us moderators will award the badge to you :slight_smile:

If you haven’t done this challenge yet, start it here!

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Finished it! Was so much fun and learned plenty during the course - thanks so much for supplying these courses for free!

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Hey Mikael, thanks for learning with us and welcome to the community! Congrats on finishing 28 days. Badge granted!

I finished it! This was an awesome free course on app creation :wink: Thanks for making it!

Hey Oceanlight! Congrats on achieving 28 days and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

28 Days of fun and new skills. I am very excited about this new community and everything to come. Cheers from Germany and thanx Code Crew for creating such great content! :sunny:

Thank you for the kind words and congrats on your new shiny badge :slight_smile:

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Ta-dah! I’ve done the 28-day challenge in 23 days.

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Which tutorial should I join now?

@bobiq11 you could always purchase Chris’ paid course.
Or checkout:

To figure out what technologies you’d need to learn to make your own app idea!
Otherwise I’d check out Let’s Build That App tutorials on YouTube, he uses a completely programming UI approach rather than storyboards. (One’s not better than the other, just different).
There’s also Sean Allen on YouTube!

Is it possible to see the list of video titles for the the three remaining fundamentals and all database and design modules before I decide to purchase them?

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Check out this link!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!

Congrats on your new badge!!

Finished the first parts. Thank you:-)

Robert nice job! Congrats on your new badge!

Completed and it runs on my iPhoneX. Added sounds for win and lose conditions from free (credits posted as a comment in the sound manager) I had to eliminate the width for the timer as it was clipping and rearranging my cards. Also played with the font/shadow, highlight and size of the timer itself.

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Nice job Rick! Your new badge has been granted!

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Finally! after a long fight I finished the 28 days! Thank you, Chris you’re amazing!

Nice job!! Congrats on your new badge!

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I really enjoyed this 28 days challenge and completed it successfully. You are one of my best teacher @CodeWithChris. Thanks a lot to you.

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