Finished the War Card Game? Post Your Screenshot Here!

Cheers, Waluthon! Great job. Enjoy your new badge.

Thanks for the course ! To the next one

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Just completed! Here is the screenshot!

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Congrats, Mazu! Enjoy your new badge!

Cheers, Ian! Congrats on making it! :slight_smile:

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it was very useful, I like that. Thanks.

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Thank you,Chris!

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Done! But I kept adding stuff to it just for the practice of what I’ve learned so far:

  1. The game ends once player or cpu scores 21.
  2. A winner is announced (by displaying “YOU WIN!” in green or “CPU WINS!” in red.)
  3. The Deal button is disabled (game ends) once 21 is reached.
  4. A “PLAY AGAIN” button is displayed that resets and displays all scores to 0 again and re-enables the Deal button.
  5. An App Icon

This was fun! Trying to add more features or change things up was a good exercise in and of itself.


I did it!! woohoo!! :tada:

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Hi Everyone, I just finished with the War Card Game!!

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Glad to know that you find it useful! Congrats on your new badge. :slight_smile: Keep them coming.

Cheers, Sofrosine! Enjoy your new badge! Am sure you had fun learning. More achievements to come!

Just WOW, nemtna! Well done! Congrats on your new badge. Am sure you’ll knock out the other challenges. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Rubex! This is only the beginning. Enjoy your new badge!

Yay! Must have been a great feeling. Keep on learning and achieving! Congrats on your new badge!

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Looks good Annu. Well done.

@Chris_Parker Thanks a lot