Firebase Auth (Swift Package)


I am using the Firebase swift package to implement Authentification. My problem is that despite using the new code provided that them in the document, and not the one shown by Chris, its not working.

When you type, they show that FirebaseAuth is now what you should use.

Yet when it comes to writing the code, it acts like its not reading it!

I looked everywhere, and I cant seem to find a solution. I’m trying not to use Cocoapod if possible; the installation was really intimidating for me.

Which video from Chris Ching are you watching?

Firebase Database (swift) Ios Module 3 but in earlier video Chris shows us how to get the package so I’m confuse :thinking:

Sorry, I was on the wrong track.

What pods have you specified in Podfile?

I don’t use cocoa pod I use the Swift package

Do I have to use the coco pod? Because I’m having a hard time with even installing it

Which video were you watching where he described how to use Swift Package Manager?

The iOS Databases (SwiftUI) course was written quite a long time ago and used cocoapods to install Firebase frameworks and some of those Firebase frameworks are not available when using Swift Package Manager.

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Okay I will try to instal cocoapod! Thank you for the fast answer!