Firebase Auth UI


I am taking the Firebase course (from 2021) and have made all adjustments needed thus far to make it all work for current Swift Package manager dependencies etc.

I am on Lesson 2 of Module 3 (Firebase Drop in Auth UI) and almost everything is working! The only thing that isn’t working for me is that my app is not remembering my users. For example we created a user called and set up an account.

This user is visible in my Authentication section of my Firebase. However, when I sign out and sign back in, it doesn’t remember the user, it asks for me to sign up again (this is different from what is happening in your video where it remembers the user and then just asks for their pw to get back in)

So - does anyone know the additional coding or import I now need to do to make that work?
(the rest of my in app coding is identical to the video other than the imports)