Firebase Authentication tutorial issue (Textfield misalignment during portrait/landscape)

Good day,

I have been searching for a similar issue regarding the firebase authentication tutorial for iOS 2020.

The issue I am having is about the text field that goes out of bound of the vertical/horizontal stack view during runtime.

Here are the screenshots of the simulator: this is referring to the login and signup page of the tutorial

Here is the result for the login page:

As you can see, the problem I am having is the text field are going out of bound from the safe area and it is not scaling to the width of the button during landscape and portrait mode.

I have tried adjusting the view content mode from scale to fit and aspect fit and it still the same issue. If you can help me on this issue that would be a great blessing.

Thank you

The App is really not designed to be run in Landscape mode as the keyboard will obscure the fields you are entering text into.

Getting to your question…
It is a bit hard to tell from your screenshot but there could be a problem with your StackView constraints.
Select your stackView and provide a screenshot of the right hand panel showing the Size Inspector details. That panel will show what constraints you have configured for the stackView. See the example screenshot below.

Hi Chris,

Good day to you! I am sorry I was unable to reply sooner, weather related problem here is currently worst this year.

I have provided the screenshots below with your instructions and the constraints of each view :

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you

I think the issue is that you are using the iPod touch simulator. It looks rubbish on my iPod touch simulator too so give that a miss. Try using an iPhone simulator instead.

Hi Chris,

I have tried running the simulator as an Iphone as you suggested and it did work! Although it did not work well in landscape as you said, but the portrait works as it looks during the tutorial.

Thank you for pointing this out on me, I missed this information during this training and stressed me out thinking that I might have done something wrong before.

Thanks Chris you are a life saver.