Firebase Cloud Functions

Hi team

I’ve created a social media app in iOS (loosely based on Chris’ photo sharing app), with Firebase Firestore and Firebase Auth to keep user accounts and details of posts. I’d like to implement notifications when a post is made to or about someone, which I understand requires Firebase Cloud Functions (and Javascript/Typescript to write these - I have no prior knowledge of this).

I’ve got Cloud Functions setup, and downloaded Intellij IDEA CE, which I understand is the most popular editor (but let me know if you suggest any alternatives). Could someone please point me to any good guides on writing the functions I need? I’m struggling to find anything tailored to Firebase, which is succinct and up to date and would really appreciate any recs.


Hey Viren,

I personally learnt how to setup Cloud Functions with this playlist:

You’d have to learn NodeJS and probably Visual Studio Code. The same guy also has great playlists for that.

Super helpful, thank you, will give it a watch

My pleasure. Good luck Viren!