Firebase Remote Config

Hi Code with Chris,

Hope your well, I’m creating an IOS app using SwiftUI at the moment and I have images in my app that when clicked takes the user to a specific page/view. Though in my app, the images don’t need to be changed, just the links remotely so each week even though the user may press on the same image, it takes them to a specific page that I would like them to be taken to. I know how to do this in the coding of my app through navigationlink though I don’t know to transfer it so I can do it remotely, therefore I don’t need to keep updating and publishing my app every week. I have already asked some people about how to do this and many people are saying to use Firebase Remote Configuration. I just wanted to get your opinion, do you think this would be the right option? And if so any recommendations and how to go about it, I’ll truly take any advice. Love everything that your doing Chris.

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Ben Rodwell

Hi Ben.

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There is a way to do this and that is using a remote JSON file on a server to store the data you want to change from time to time. You would simply edit that JSON file and change the links whenever you choose.

Let’s assume you have, say, 10 images in a tableView or in a collectionView or however they are presented. Let’s also assume that the image names are in an array.

What you could do is have an associated array of links and this array of links could be populated from the JSON file each time the App is launched or comes back into the foregound in the case of the user switching Apps on his/her device.

Does that sound like it might suit?