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Firebase Storage for uploading and downloading an image(s)

Does any have a good/recent tutorial on how to implement an image picker ? And then implement a save/upload method and download/retrieve method, to save/ retrieve photos from Firebase Storage…spent a week and haven’t got anywhere…

Many many thanks for any help!!

Maybe a quick tutorial by Chris!!

Cheers, Jai

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Did you ever solve this? I’ve got the upload part working and downloading seems to grab the data BUT the image doesn’t display. It takes up space as though it were there but it’s just transparent.

Welcome to the community!!
This video may help!

OMG Mikaela, you’re amazing! I don’t know why this didn’t come up in my hours of searching youtube. I can’t wait to dig into this after work… loving your course on the vapor API by the way. I would love to see a more in depth version that covers some additional topics about creating a custom API.

Thanks so much Tim! I’m thinking of making a more in-depth dive on my own YT channel (coming soon) haha once I record it

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Nice! Hey my current day job is videographer/motion designer. If you need any help with the youtube editing let me know. Happy to lend a hand if you ever need any help.

Thanks so much Tim!
Definitely DM me on Instagram or Twitter, my personal website is https://mikaelacaron.com

(Haha I don’t check here regularly)