Firebase Tutorial question

Hello everyone,

I am following along with Chris’s video on Firebase and am running into issues. I just set up Cocoapods and need to add the firebase SDK using CocoaPods and the terminal. While trying to connect to the folder where my Xcode project is located, terminal says unknown. The path is as follows:

WildBill(Mac name) > Developer> cwc > FirestoreDemo

but as you can see in the screenshot, I cannot connect to the cwc folder. Any idea why?

Thank you,

Hi Bill,

Use the command:
cd cwc

cd FirestoreDemo

cd must prefix every pathname you change to

Or from the root folder (denoted by the tilde ~ ):
cd Developer/cwc/FirestoreDemo

The other way of getting to the right folder in a hassle free way is to type:
cd followed by a space:
and then drag the folder from Finder into the terminal window then press return in the terminal window.

Thank you!! I still didn’t get it working with the lines of code you typed, but I was able to type cd and then drag the folder, that worked perfectly. Thanks again!

Hi Bill,

Have you managed to instal Cocoapods for your project?

Sorry for the late response. yes, I have Cocoapods installed. Everything is working perfectly now. Thank you!