Firebase vs Cloudkit

I watched Chris’ video not he different types of cloud storage, and it seem that I’ve narrowed it down to Firebase and Cloudkit, with Firebase having a slight edge on what I need (in case the iOS app is successful, Id like to be able to add Android)
Her is my question.
Is either of them better at group access to data (secured via login) where a supervisor has write/read permissions and the staff has read only permission?
Also I need the app to notify the staff when the data is updated by the supervisor. Is either better at this task?
Thanks for all the help

for notification it should be programmatically (meaning your app should handle that after the supervisor clicks save or something)

for permissions maybe this article can help?

to add, what i also like in firebase is that it automatically handles “offline state”, meaning is saves data locally while offline then when online it updates (but of course triggers like programmatic notification might not work)

could I use text messaging to notify so the employee gets notified about the updated data, or can the app be set to notify for any data update

Hey DrRick,

Do you mean if you can send out text messages to employees? If that’s what you mean, I used to use for sending SMS text messages.

If you mean whether you can personally TRIGGER a notification by sending your system a text message, then i’m not sure how you could set that up.

However, it IS possible to have a firebase cloud function listen for any data updates and run code to send out notifications if it detects a change.

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