Firestore Cheat Sheet?

Hi CWC crew,

In IOS Database mod 1 Querying Data, Chris mentions the Firestore cheatsheet that has all of the Firestore methods listed. I can’t find this in the download material, does anyone have a link for this please ?



Hi @gavd66

I have tried to find that too so it looks to be an omission.

As one of the moderators on this site, I have asked if such a sheet exists and will advise when I get an answer.

Thanks Chris :+1:

appreciate your help

Hi @gavd66

Chris Ching will address this shortcoming on Monday (Toronto time) so I will update you when I know that it has been added.

In the meantime keep an eye on the “Materials for this Course” download link and check the associated DropBox folder just in case you discover the update before I get notified.

Hi Chris,

Many thanks, didn’t mean to make a fuss, but appreciate the professionalism of your course and the communication. :+1: Please thank Chris for me,



Hi @gavd66

No fuss at all. It needed to be corrected in the interests of completeness.

Hey Gav!

Thanks for alerting us to this issue!
Chris is right… this seems to have fallen through the cracks during the development of the course.
So sorry about the confusion this has caused.

I’ve made a note to get this done this week and will update again when it’s ready.

Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the confusion!

Hey Chris !

Thanks so much for taking the time to message me, that’s really impressive and great customer service :+1::+1:.

I know you probably get thousands of these, but I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do.

I’m a 54 yo International Pilot, stood down with COVID19, and am using the time to re-skill.

The pace of your instructional technique, easy going humble manner, anticipation of problem areas and genuine enthusiasm for the content, makes learning with you not only effective, but a real pleasure.

As a long time instructor, seeing you work in real time, making and correcting mistakes ,gives me confidence as a student and just enhances your credibility.

(as an aside I’m also doing IOS coding through a university course, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard compared to yours !)

Thanks Again, you’ve made my day,



Hi Gav,

All of us here on this community are happy to help out where we can so just shout out if there is something that you don’t understand or can’t find and we will do our best to assist.

Chris Ching relies on the input from the members of this community and that of the moderators (such as myself) to help solve challenges that members might be encountering.

The important thing to remember is that there is ‘no such thing as a dumb question’. All of us learned to crawl before we could walk and the same applies to coding.

We encourage members to make use of searching on line for answers wherever possible and there is a vast reservoir of knowledge out there and a lot of it is free so ‘let your fingers do the walking’ as they say.

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Hey Chris !

Thanks for the response, I really love the course and the CodeCrew Community.

As an aside I do follow the procedure you recommend, (always try to solve my own problems by searching the question database, you tube google, developer doc’s and the apple app development with swift handbook, before I post a question). By the same token I’m not scared to ask !

Thanks for all your help, it’s really appreciated,


Hey Gav, thank you for your kind words and I’m humbled that you’re learned with us too!

One of our team members, Micah, put together a great looking Firestore Cheat Sheet yesterday and you can find it in the lesson folder Module 1 -> “04 - The Firestore database”


Hey Chris,

Thanks much appreciated ,