First app and I’m unsure on scrolling

I have a page that has a lot of text but it keeps stopping at random points, at first I thought it might be a limit to how long so I tried again with less but it still just kept stopping it part way through. I prefer using storyboard as my coding is kinda bad, but for the life of me I can’t think on what setting extends it. Sometimes it’s as big as bout 2000 points (think that’s right) but then sometimes it only lets me scroll as much as 800, I’ve tried it through phone simulation and it just registers that’s the end but then sometimes I try it and it gets stuck thinking the page is only a bout 1/10 of what’s actually there. I don’t really want to have to spread it across to lots of pages so if anyone know what I need to do to adjust this that would be amazing.

Welcome to the community Elsy!

Can you post a screenshot about what you mean? :slight_smile: I’m confused