First small app in the app store


I am in the course for 1.5 weeks now, software engineer for over 40 years (assembly, C++ and c#) now near retirement taking up iOS programming. So just learning the syntax really. Done the swift basic course and came across a small problem I wanted to solve. I am a keen sailor and have a 21 feet sail boat (very old one). Last weekend the log (and instrument that measure the speed (in KNOTS) and distance traveled (in nautical miles) broke and the replacement would cost around £100. Thinking about a project for this course I decided the program this for the iPhone so I can use that instead of replacing it. Took me 3 hours to program and 4 hours to get all the graphics work for the store together. I submitted it this morning and it was approved this afternoon.

The way you teach helped me a lot!

my website for this is on and can be found in the app store at this address:

Now working at databases



Congrats!!! That’s so exciting!!

Not trying to take anything away from you, but why does it say the app is 4.5 years old?

I think you may be looking at the age rating

Oh my goodness do I feel dumb. Thank you.

:wink: easy mistake to make

Oh nice man, Congrats :champagne:

Congrats Theo,
I am impressed about what you can do to solve a problems and to generate value with SWIFT programming and available devices.

Congrats! App and landing page look great! Keep it up!