First time poster and new coder- concerned about using older Xcode to learn

Hi all, I’m a very green newcomer to coding and really am enjoying the tutorials I’ve found on YouTube. I’ve perhaps foolishly started learning by also downloading the latest Xcode my antiquated MacBook could run - version 8.2

I’ve noticed a few name differences but nothing too problematic thus far to keep up with the war card game tutorial, but my concern is viability for the future - am I learning something obsolete that won’t do me in good stead? I’m hoping to transition into a coding career in due time (12 months?) but fear that I’ll be learning something that isn’t used anymore. My reasoning was that as a language, it shouldn’t have changed that much … right?

Your help will be really welcome, I’m not sure I’ve seen a good answer to this on the internet.

Cheers all, and love the materials

Hi Xcode updates all the time I would suggest to keep your Xcode updated

Welcome to the community @ElliotNYC

The Swift language in general is still very young and is changing, but not too drastically, and the basics (like if statements and loops) will pretty much always be the same.

You are not really learning something obsolete I would say, because Xcode has changed, but the basic stuff, and being a beginner, most of that hasn’t changed.

It’s really the new stuff in Xcode and Swift that you won’t be able to do.

But you could get through all of Chris’ basics tutorials, the war card game and match app. Probably even some Firebase ones too.

Note you will NOT be able to do SwiftUI, which is new and “is the future” but if you’re looking for a job in the next 12 months, you’ll still need to know UIKit

You could always invest in a refurbished Mac mini! They’re cheaper and not like committing to a brand new computer.
I’d double check the Mac mini specs, with Xcode minimum specs and try to get as updated as possible. But if you can get to Xcode 10 that’d be ideal

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This is so helpful. My goodness thank you for all your advice!!

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Hi Elliot,

Absolutely agree with Mikaela’s comments. If you are serious about getting into iOS development and you can find the $'s to afford a more recent model of a Mac Mini, as Mikaela has suggested, you will be way better off.

I would go even further to suggest that you aim for a Mac Mini that can run macOS Catalina which enables you to install Xcode v11.

I totally understand if there are financial constraints and if it means buying an earlier version Mac Mini that can’t support the latest macOS then that’s your call.


By the way, I’m not the Code Wth Chris guy. I just happen to have the same first name and I’m also a moderator on this code crew site. If you need further advice, then just holler.

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