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Flo's NBA Stats App Journey

Hey CodeCrew,
this is Flo!

I am really excited for the new app challenge for a NBA stats app!
I’m neither from the USA nor a basketball fan, so I decided to create a little spinoff:

A soccer tracker app for the german “Bundesliga”!

Today I searched around and already found a suitable free API.

Over the next days/weeks I will work on the UI and perhaps also create a video on my solution. (Maybe as a walkthrough-style course?)

This is how far I have gotten today while watching Italy play against Belgium :soccer:


I just pushed my current version to Github, feel free to use it or get inspired!

I haven’t been working on the app for the last few days, but during a meeting break today I built this fun loading animation:

private var animatedBall: some View {
        .frame(width: animated ? 40 : 80, height: 16)
        .animation(.linear(duration: 0.4).repeatForever(), value: animated)
                .frame(width: 100, height: 100)
                .rotationEffect(.degrees(animated ? 360 : 0))
                .offset(x: 0, y: animated ? -150 : -50)
                .animation(.linear(duration: 0.4).repeatForever(), value: animated)
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I think this a good idea to customize the monthly challenge.
I do not have the skills yet, but I would like to try it out.
Can you share the Bundesliga API source.
Thanks for sharing

Hey Gerd,
I actually linked the API in the top post, but here it is again:

Hope that helps :innocent:

Thanks Flo

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I decided to rework the layout to show all gamedays as sections (“Spieltag”). I also switched to SDWebImage as AsyncImage is too unreliable for me (still on beta 1). The invisible icons are svg files coming from the api, which SwiftUI can’t display…

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