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Flo's Stocks App Journey

Hey CodeCrew, this is Flo!

Last month I started sharing my progress of the weather app in Youtube videos to make the challenge accessible to everyone and to help the community. I am doing the same for the Stocks App Challenge and there are actually already 6 videos available on my channel :sunglasses:

Here’s the link to the playlist:

My plan is to upload two more episodes, covering delete gestures in lists and form validation using combine :smiley:

I hope the videos are helpful and inspire you to take on the challenge!
Cheers, Flo <3


Great Content Flo! Great minds think a like. I am reproducing the stocks app too. Though at a simpler level. Fun to see how everyone codes differently.

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Hey Flo,

I noticed in your videos you are able to make a secretKey for your APIKey. Can you point me to some links that explain how to do that?

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What exactly do you need me to explain? secretKey is just a variable that i created in another file and it is filled with an API key that I got from alphavantage.co

I see what you did, I thought that you had set up the github secretkey thing that allows you to push to github and keep the variable secret in an open git repo.

Oh i see. To do that you should create a .gitignore file in your git repository. In that file you can then specify what shouldn’t be included in your git history → it won’t be committed or pushed

Wow, a playlist for the whole journey. That’s awesome, man!

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Just submitted the app version after my WidgetKit course for this challenge! I think it turned out quite nice. It now has a configurable Widget, which allows you to select any of the stock symbols that are saved in CoreData in the widget configuration and then shows that symbol’s data & graph.
The only issue is with the data loading, as it’s asynchronous sometimes the UI doesn’t update properly. This would probably be a decently quick fix, but I just wanted to get the app done for now.

I’m already looking forward to the next challenge, maybe we can use some of the new API’s that will be presented in dubdub today :smiley: