Folder structure of xCode project is not appearing in git repository

I’m developing an ios app with some other students of my class. One of them created our xCode project and set up all the folders (groups) we need. These folders also appear in his finder. When pushing everything the folders are not visible in our repo. When I pull it, everything in xCode is fine, all the folders are there (which also says the pbxproj-file). BUT in my finder none of these folders are there.

How can we also put the folders in git, so that they are visible in our repo and the files are in them?

Whoever created the project needs to make sure they selected “New Group” to create the folder in Xcode.

He/She may have accidentally selected “New Group without Folder”

Which is why it works in Xcode cause the pbxproj file

Hey. We know the difference between New Group with folder and New Group without Folder. As you can see in the image, the groups have been created WITH a folder, since the folder icons are plain yellow. If a group without folder is created the folder icon has a darker triangle in the corner.
Do you have any other idea what the problem could be?