ForEach loop: updating variable values dynamically

Hello Code Crew,

I am looking for assistance in updating the following code with different number values to make a ForEach loop.

In the code I will share below, I would like to switch out the “1” with either 2,3, or 4. Ive asked different AI for help but none of their answers work.

Here is the code:

                                displayEditTeamView: Constants.displayEditTeam1View,
                                teamName: Constants.user.team1Name,
                                teamImageExtension: Constants.user.team1ImageExtension,
                                teamImageHostUrl: teamImageHostUrl)

This code is for a button view that requires specific string values to be passed in. I have 4 different sets of string data for 4 different teams and I just need a way to switch out the team number, that way I am not repeating the code 4 different times and rather making a ForEach loop and passing in the numbers dynamically.

So in the EditTeamButton, the first parameter is displayEditTeamView. It needs string data. I pass in a string that is in my Constatns file called, Constants.displayEditTeam1View. I can’t simply switch that out for the actual string value because thats not going to work for the rest of the parameters. I need a way to switch out that “1” to either 2,3, or 4.

I hope that makes sense.

How about creating a struct that contains the values that you want to change, then create an array of those structs with four array elements. You can then index into the array with values of 0-3.