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Fred's IOS App Journey

Joined CWC on August 2022, I feel very passionate with app development. I decided to join CWC when an app idea occurred to me that can completely change the way people work in my industry (I don’t wish to share more about this at the moment). I did not think I was capable of developing the app myself, but after contacting several app developers I realized I do not have the resources to pay someone to do it for me. I found Chris on Youtube and followed through the War Card Game, he explained every topic so great and easy to understand. Now I started the Swift Foundations and I am currently on Module 2. It took me 2 tries on Module 1 because I took a 2 week vacation and I had to restart it to make sure I don’t forget anything.

Module 2 IOS Foundations (Swift) - I am currently in Lesson 10, but I am having difficulties completing the challenges without looking at the solution for clues, if someone else is having this problem please let me know this is normal because I am getting a little discouraged at this point. My plan is to keep going this way until I finish Module 2 and then re-do the entire module and this time without any help.

Thanks in advance for any comments and tips.

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Welcome to the community!!

Yes this is normal! You won’t understand everything immediately after only seeing it once, it’s like watching someone how to ride a unicycle and thinking you’ll be perfect on the first try, you won’t!

You can post here and ask about something specific you may not understand and we can try to explain it

Also you can watch other videos, by other people, but on the same topic, and maybe when someone else explains it differently, it’ll make more sense

Also you don’t have to explain your app ideas in-depth, but a majority of the time, no one else has time to steal others ideas, cause they’re working on their own

Thanks you Mikaela,
I figured after listening to Chris say to not memorize everything. So far I do understand all topics and lessons it just takes me time to remember dot notations and this is why I always have to go back to remember.
Looking forward to sharing my ideas in the future!
Thanks again!

Hey Fred!

I am a new member of the community too!

I read your post and I knew I had to reply as soon as I saw that you were getting discouraged!

I am a student of computational science at ETH Zürich in Switzerland and I specialise in writing fast and efficient scientific code. Ive written very complex numerical code in various languages (mostly Fortran and C++) and even did quite a lot of systems programming in C and x86 assembly, yet just like you I find myself going back through Chris’ videos after watching them because sometimes I don’t remember or understand things right away: it’s completely normal!

I started following these courses because I realised that I did not know how to write clean GUIs for the output data of my scientific code. I searched online for some courses in swift (a language I was completely new to!) and found the video series uploaded by Chris.

What Chris says about not memorising the syntax of the code and instead focusing on the logic behind it is very important! Once you learn the logic behind programming, then you can learn any language much more easily!

Focus on understanding what the code does and ignore the technical aspects tied to swifts syntax (it is okay to take some expressions as arbitrary magic text!).

You are going through a phase where you might feel like you don’t understand anything/can’t retain any information, but if you focus on learning how to think logically and translate your thoughts into logical steps that can be written in the language of code, you will be coding on your own in no time!

Also I would suggest going through the Swift basics course before tackling GUI.

Happy coding!

- Marcel : )