Game development opportunity

I’m looking for someone to help me build a word game IOS app for the Apple Store called "Heads (you win), Tails (you lose). I am happy to pay for professional development or share profits from sales or a mixture of the two. This link should take you to a mock up of the screens I expect and a hint of what the game is about though at this stage I am keeping the aim of the game secret for obvious reasons -

The game requires user input of a single variable from the English alphabet and question mark. Upon the input of a question mark, the game must be able to compare the player inputs and compare them with the English dictionary as a database. At this stage, treat it like a “spelling” test type game. When you win a round, a letter form HEADS lights up in yellow and when you lose a round a letter from the word TAILS lights up. Whoever completes HEADS first wins.

A player should be able to play against a CPU and then against players on the Internet with leader boards available.

I am really hoping to find a friend/developer/partner in development through this site.

I joined to develop this myself but believe that it is beyond my capabilities.

Hoping for a great and speedy response - Johnny (