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General Question

If I connect my xcode app project to a remote github repo, will I still be able to publish that app onto the App Store?

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Yes! Are you connecting it to a private or public repo?

Everything I have is connected to a private repo (because I don’t want people seeing my code)
If you connect to a public repo make sure to not share any secrets

Having certificates on your laptop and connected to your Apple developer account are what make the app “signed” as yours

Thanks for getting back to me! I am connecting my Xcode project to a private repo. But can I still publish that app onto the app store?


Pratham, Yes 100%!!
The two apps I have published all have private GitHub repos connected to them

In GitHub’s terms it states your code is yours

Ok. Thank you so so much for getting back to me and I really appreciate your time answering my question!

Thank you again,