Git problems on a new project


I have been following the Networking video course on a mac mini, and I am trying to continue with it on a Macbook pro M1 with 16MB and Sonoma 14.0. I have installed xCode 15.2.

When I create a new project before I change anything it shows an uncommited change on the version control tab to a folder called Build.

When I stage and commit that change, I end up with a no changes. Then I change the text in “hello, world” and it is tracked and I see one change. I stage and commit like normal.

I then add one more text line, and check the changes tab and it shows two changes, my change to ContentView adding the text and a change to build.db.

I then delete the text line that I added in ContentView, and it shows two changes, one to ContentView and one to build.db.

This didn’t happen on my mac mini, so I am wondering if I have to change some settings in XCode. I have tried deleting XCode and re-downloading it, but it is retaining my settings and behaving the same.

I’d appreciate any help - I am worried about continuing the course with messed up setup!


In case someone has a similar problem, the git behavior got very strange and I ended up completely removing xcode and reinstalling, and it works fine now. I had installed an earlier version or two of xcode on the macbook, which was not the case on the mac mini.