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GitHub and Xcode Connection Errors

Hello team!

My GitHub token expired and I generated an identical one, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve got some things mixed up with my SSH keys and/or tokens. On my Mac, Xcode crashes every time I do something with version control - merging, committing, pushing. On my laptop, I get the error " The remote repository rejected commits."

Is there anyone who would be willing to help show me how to get my Xcode and GitHub connected correctly again? I’ve been trying to figure it out online and I’ve gotten a bit stuck.

Thank you!

You should be able to log out of your account and log back in with a new token

You can DM me on Insta or Twitter and we can set up a time to try to fix it


Thanks Mikaela! :pray:

I sent you a DM on Instagram. I tested signing out of GitHub on both my MacBook Pro and my iMac and logging back in with new tokens. And I still get both issues. Xcode crashes on both devices if I do anything with branches. But I’m starting to think that the “remote repository rejected commits” might be something specific to that repo. A few other repos don’t reject my commits. (Xcode often crashes, but it still sends GitHub the commit.) I’ll go dig around in that repo’s settings to see if I set something incorrectly somehow. It was working fine a while ago. I also noticed there was a recent update for Xcode, so I’m updating that too and maybe it’ll fix it. If the update doesn’t fix it, I’m worried I did something wrong with SSH keys in terminal back when I was trying to get myself set up. :thinking:

Posting my update here in case someone in the future runs into the same issue. :wink: