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GitHub and Xcode Error: Account Creation Failed

Lesson 2: GitHub and Xcode
I copied the token from GitHub, then went back to Xcode and paste it into under Token, clicked sign in I got an error: Account Creation Failed
any ideas of what might be causing this error?

In Xcode you went to accounts added an account and selected GitHub?

That’s interesting it says account creation failed, rather than authentication failed.

It looks like you just recently created your account. I’d try again in an hour or so. You may need to generate a new token

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Yes Preferences → account → then +

I tried googling for solutions but most where for authentication failed and not account creation failed.

I’m unsure if it matters but I just bought the new MacBook Pro (M1 Chip) a month ago and switched everything over from my old one.

okay will wait an hour and try again.

So far I haven’t heard of any issues with git and Xcode for the M1

Let me know what happens when you try again!

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I tried again and same error occurred but then I clicked on the GitHub you see in the image below and paste the personal token code in there and it worked… is this an ok alternative?

Seems like it looks fine.
Did you already ever link your GitHub to Xcode?

yes awhile ago

If you’re account is linked, there’s not a need to do it again.

You should only have one instance connected like it shows in your previous screenshot

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okay awesome, Thank you!

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