GitHub Essentials

Hi guys,

I’m doing the GitHub essentials course but I am running into some trouble. In the video the commits are being named, but besides the screen being different without doing anything different I can’t seem to type in the field like in the video. Can someone help with this?

FYI first screenshot is of the video, seconde one is my own screen (I seem to be in a newer version of Xcode btw).


Here is the screen from the video since I am only allowed to add one picture per post.

Since you appear to be using Xcode 15.? then you will find that the process of committing changes is a little different than previous versions of Xcode.

When you make code changes and want to commit those when you are happy with the code to that point, you select Integrate from the menu and then select Commit.

You will be presented with a list of the files in which there have been changes so at that point, assuming you are happy, you need to tap on Stage All and write a commit summary of the changes you are committing.

See this example below and the notes I have added to point out what buttons to tap and where to add your commit message :

When you are done with the commit message summary you then tap commit.

I hope that helps.


Thanks Chris! This was just the help I needed. Have a great Sunday!

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