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Going back in time with the Weather App Challenge (March '21)

As I finished my App for the March 2021 Weather Challenge, I want to share some stuff with this entry.

Two weeks ago, it all started as a mockup: The goal to recreate the default iOS weather app from the early iOS years.

It was such a valuable experience! You get to cover so much, I’m naming here just a few aspects:

  • OpenWeather API
  • Auto Layout
  • Passing Data
  • Error Handling
  • URLSession
  • Google Places API
  • PageViewController
  • UITableView and UICollectionView
  • Date Formatters

If there’s one advice I can give from this Challenge, it’s that you gotta start somewhere small. This is a learning journey, not a marathon. Start by adding a single UI Element, read about it in the documentation, watch informative videos. The goal here is to strengthen your skills day by day. Here is one simple step I took by just getting the network call to work. No Table View, no Array, no Formatting. 20 minutes and that was it for the day! This is what kept me going.

I want to thank Chris and everyone involved in organizing this Challenge!
Special thanks to VClouds for providing me with the weather app icons - the closest I could get to the original iOS weather icons.



That’s a great result. Well done.

Did you use SwiftUI or did you create it in UIKit?

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Thank you :grinning:

I went for the UIKit Framework. Everything is built programmatically.

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Nice work. Gotta be happy with that.

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