Got double charge from CWC this year

I got 2 billing from CWC. Can someone help to how to cancel one of them??

Hi Felix,

Can you go to the website and tap on the message icon at the bottom right of the web page. It looks like this:

When you tap on that icon it brings up this where you can type your message to the team.


I sent 2 messages in these 2 days and I still do not get any reply. Can you tell me if I have the other way to contact CWC representitive??

The best way is via the Message facility on the Web page. The backup method is the email address
I’ve posted a question on the Slack group (I am a member of) to ask them if they have seen your request. Don’t worry, they will organise a refund.


The charge appeared on my both American Express and Chase credit card. I have paid both in order to protect my credit score.
Please give me one of the refund let me know if you have any update. I would like to keep learning with CWC since I very love your platform.

Are you sure that you have not accidentally subscribed to CWC twice (maybe using a slightly different username) and in each case used a different credit card?

I got the reaply and CWC told me I accidentally subscribed to CWC twice, which I did not know, and he promised me he will help me to cancel one of my account and give me the refund.
Thank you for letting me know and help me to solve this problem.

No problem. Glad to hear that they are on the case to sort it out.