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Grandfathering TestFlight Users into Paid app for free

I saw a developer do this once and thought it was great. I’m not sure how he did it and can’t seem to find any info about it in my searching so I’m asking here just in case someone here already knows.

The way it worked was that Test Flight users who were testing the app, once it was published to the app store as a paid app could just download the official version as if they had already purchased it.

I would say they probably just got promo codes from the dev.

no that wasnt it. I was one of the test flight users. The said we would get the app for free once it came out.

eventually when the app went into the app store, I got it for free, didnt have to use any codes or anything. Now that I think about it more I think the paid version was free download with in-app purchase to unlock. I instantly had the app unlocked and didn’t have to do any in-app purchase.

They could have added a UserDefault called “isBetaTester” and set it to true.

Once all the beta testers were on the version with that published. Then once the app is officially out there, the dev only needs to check that variable and if it’s true, they automatically get all the features behind the paywall