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Hello all! I am looking for some general guidance on where to start. I have enrolled in a few Udemy course, but, for me, the flow is not working. I have basic fundamental knowledge of development but have been out of the game for a very long time. I am talking Assembly code days :stuck_out_tongue:.

I came across Chris’s videos on YouTube and wow, it just had a great feel to it and consumption was so much more human.

My question is thus, is Chris’s paid course a good place to go to begin as a starter to coding fundamentals within swift as well as work with XCode. Due to the COVID-19 times and job loss, $300 is something now I have to consider.

Thank you for any feedback!

Hey Eric! Welcome to the community!

Oh wow assembly! Some good stuff there :wink:

Haha you’ll find swift is very user friendly. I have a post on instagrams that shows you exactly what videos I began with, all for FREE!!

You can get very far learning for free, Chris’ courses are great if you like structure and being showing “after learning this, go to this”

Chris’ courses also teach you specific things you may want to implement, which can be helpful, but if you have enough tenacity you can search a lot of things on your own!

DM me on insta if you have any questions about the videos I mention! (I check that more than DMs here)

Thank you so very much! I like the structure he outlined and will 100% check yours! Thank you so kindly!

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