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Guidance on Collector Card App

Hello all and greetings from Australia

I am current student working through your IOS Foundations (SwiftUI) courses. Really enjoy the courses as I am brand new to developing.

I am looking to build a collector card app similar to Topps Bunt, Marvel or Disney.
I have reached out to an illustrator to draw the cards I am looking for.

Are you able to point me in the right direction to what courses of yours I should do for this?

I have done some research on the Topps apps and they use MongoDB. Do you know anything about it. Is it good etc.

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Welcome to the community @scotty

MongoDB is a database. There is a UIKit course that uses that, but it’s a bit out of your range, with you being a beginner.

Can you describe more what the app does?

I’d definitely say complete the foundations and database courses

Thank you @mikaelacaron

Good to know that the MongoDB is out of my range (for now) lots more training for me to do.

App will be. User will log in daily to collect free coins and purchase coins with real money if they like.
With the coins they will be able to purchase packets of cards to build their collections.
There will be multiple sets of cards for them to collect which different odds for getting more rare cards.
I am aiming to have around 2000 different cards on release for collectors to collect.

I will continue with the foundations training and then move onto the database courses (In between working a full time job ) :grinning:


I think both of those courses will be good, but there will definitely still be tons of googling to make that app.

But sounds exciting! Good luck!

Thank you .
Will be lots of work but always up for a challenge

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