Has swiftui syntax changed from 2020

Can i use swiftui 2020 videos with xcode 15 provided i am familiar with the interface.Basically has the swiftui syntax changed since 2020.Also are the firebase 2020 videos still relevant

SwiftUI has changed a lot since 2020. I recommend finding a newer SwiftUI learning resource.


Chris Ching provides the following courses which take advantage of the changes in SwiftUI.

  • iOS Foundations with SwiftUI (2023)
  • iOS Networking (2023)

The 2020 courses are still relevant from the point of view of the different techniques introduced in those App builds. If you follow the 2020 courses using the latest version of Xcode, iOS and Swift 5.7 you will need to take into account those changes in SwiftUI.

For example, there were changes occurring in Xcode versions during the course creation around SwiftUI Navigation which caused a few challenges. Where a NavigationView was specified as the root view for an iOS device you needed to change that to NavigationStack.

With a bit of experience behind you, you could come back to those 2020 courses and be able to take that into account.