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Hello all, I'm just getting started with this adventure

G’day my name is Jake

My venture here started with an idea today, that lead me to want to build an app, I went straight to Google watched some videos, did some research and here I am. One thing is bothering me and that is why create an ios app instead of Android or Windows? I’m very new to the game as you can tell :sweat_smile: . I’m hoping to have some fun with this adventure :smiley:

It’s entirely up to you whether you develop Apps for Apple or for Android.

This community group is dedicated to the iOS platform and the Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) using the Swift programming language. If you wanted to pursue Android development then you would have to search for a community group that specialises in Android Development.

Otherwise this is a vibrant community so feel free to ask questions about iOS Development, Xcode and Swift.

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Thankyou Chris

Looking forward to learning about it all, I’m sure I will have plenty of questions

It all depends on your skill set and what you want to do!

For me, I’ve only ever had an iPhone, it doesn’t make sense for me to be an android dev, when I hardly even know how to use the phone.

Do whatever you want! Like Chris said though, we are a group for only iOS and Swift

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G’day mikaelacaron,

thanks for your reply, I understand what you’re saying about only ever having an iPhone. I’ve really only used Android lol. Easy problem to solve though :slightly_smiling_face:

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